English speaking psychologist in Budapest or online



Emoke Borbely-Ipkovich, psychologist, online client-centred counsellor

Are you looking for an English speaking psychologist in Budapest? Are you an expat looking for online consultations at reasonable rates?

–  I am a psychologist proficient in Hungarian and English, providing sessions both in person and online (video calling). Personal sessions are of the highest efficiency and available in Budapest city center. If you are an expat living abroad, I can offer you online sessions as well. Although online consultations require greater focus from both the consultant and the client, online sessions proved to be efficient for clients who contacted me from numerous countries, including the USA, UK, Switzerland, Australia, Denmark, etc.

About me

My name is Emoke Borbely-Ipkovich and I am a psychologist in Budapest, Hungary. I received my degree from the University of Szeged (Hungary), faculty of clinical and health psychology, graduating at the top of my class and I am a trained client-centred counsellor. I am also experienced in online counselling and treating a variety of problems, including negative mood symptoms, couples’ issues, grieving, disharmony of intimacy and sexual life, emotional eating and life transitions, as well as many others.

About my style

I often hear people talking about their conviction to make some changes in their personal lives or in their environment, but realisation doesn’t come easy and can sometimes seem to be impossible to accomplish. Nevertheless, the inner motive and pressure are so strong that the first steps must be taken. I can help you bridge this gap step by step, helping explore and overcome the obstacles that get in the way of you leading a more vibrant and healthier life. Therefore, I continually invest in expanding and strengthening my skills as a psychologist. My therapeutic approach is client-centred and I also use a variety of techniques and methods including integrative hypnotherapy if needed.

For Individuals

Stress Management

I am experienced in working with individuals who:

Wish to decrease their stress level and/or depression 
Wish to develop & replenish their coping resources 
Desire understanding and healing of anxiety, depression or anger experienced in relationships
Are managing stress-related illnesses
Eating and Weight Issues 
Grief & Loss 
Life Transitions and aging 
Women’s Concerns

Executive Coaching

For highly functioning individuals who are looking to improve their quality of life and reach their goals. 

Self-understanding and Personal development 
Improving relationships and understanding attachment patterns
Changing life direction and goals of life
Obtaining psychosocial balance
Stress and time management 

For Relationships and Couples

Premarital counseling 
Parenting skills and issues of becoming a parent
Family-of-Origin difficulties, moving and migration
Divorce and separation related issues 
Same Sex relationship challenges, difficulties of intimate and sexual life 

location and appointment request

My office is in the 2. district of Budapest (Lövőház street 33.), Hungary, near the Mammut Shopping Mall. I am available both at the office and via Skype by appointment only. Schedule a session via email or on my mobile first!

E-mail: ipkovich.emoke@gmail.com
Mobile: + 36 70 321 8685
Skype: ipkovichemoke

I return all calls and e-mails as soon as I can, latest in 24 hours!